HELLsinki Metal Horizons 2022

HELLsinki Metal Horizons 2022

HELLsinki Metal Horizons 2022


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VILDHJARTA - när de du älskar kommer tillbaka från de döda (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

VILDHJARTA - när de du älskar kommer tillbaka från de döda (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Violence & Force

Violence & Force

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Leave your saxophone at the narikka; Norway’s kings of blackjazz have got you covered. SHINING returns to Finland with their whack-tastic repertoire of hybrid metal styles to keep you on your toes and then subsequently knock you off them.

From their anything-but-humble beginnings of eccentric black metal contorted with jazz experimentation, to their more structured and unapologetically rocking hits of later days, these posterboys of no-fucks-given thoroughly embody the multifarious horizons of metal.  Prepare to taste the spices of electronic, progressive, avant-garde and classical music betwixt and between, and relish in the fiercely immersive stage atmosphere that pulls it all together.

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Oddly enough, they’re not even really that odd! As one of Finland’s most prominent and inspiring prog-metal bands, Turku’s ODDLAND was a self-evident homegrown selection for HELLSINKI METAL HORIZONS.

With ODDLAND, you get all the tireless progressive-styled guitar action and pensive grooving your heart could desire, coated with rich clean vocals, and smashed with some djent, some brass, and an unmistakable Finnish overtone.  With a few cuts already unleashed from their 2022 release showcasing some seriously mature compositions, there’s no doubt this new album will vault them to the forefront of the international prog scene.  And with these guys paving the way, there’s hope still for a Finnish prog scene to actually become a thing!

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Alright, keep your suspenders on, the next confirmed artist is VULTURE INDUSTRIES! At long last, Norway’s madcap sons return to Finland to run circles around us once again, bringing along all their loveable peculiarities, but leaving their shoes behind.


Constructing narratives of dystopic monotony colored with carnivalesque lunacy, VULTURE INDUSTRIES takes avant-garde to a disturbingly human level.  And on stage they do the same, juxtaposing their olden working class aesthetic with a frenzied dose of the theatrical.  With new material in the works, the Vultures finally get their chance to support “Stranger Times” in Finland.  Prepare to be charmed!



The headlines will read: mythical beast spotted in Finland’s capital. That beast is MANTICORA, and trust us, they’re legit! 


Denmark’s premier progressive power metal act MANTICORA prepare for their long-overdue debut on Finnish shores.  With 9 full-lengths behind their belts, this melodic metal workhorse will be concluding their European headlining tour showcasing material from their 2020 masterpiece “To Live to Kill to Live” with their appearance at Hellsinki Metal Horizons, and is sure to delight with their soaring melodies, story-like musical delivery and seasoned live performance.

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Celebrating their 25th anniversary, and still performing like the bunch of energized kids from Krosno that they started as, Poland’s death metal anti-cult are back by popular demand for a proper headlining set!


With their beginnings firmly in the traditional Eurodeath style, but laced with adept musicianship, precision and whirring technicality, Decapitated has since been widening the horizons of what death metal can be:chugging through all the djent draughts, and incorporating thoughtful tempo plays and melodic and modern influences. This band has thoroughly embraced the winds of creation and fought their way to the precipice of extreme music, without ever watering down.

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Sweden's thall-meisters are back in Finland! After releasing their second album "Måsstaden under vatten" these djent/tech legends are more ferocious and contemporary than ever. Vildhjarta's world is a dark and murky one, be prepared to be sucked in!


Vildhjarta first rose to prominence in the early 2010s after being signed to Century Media and releasing their ground-breaking debut album “Måsstaden”, combining epic-scale story concepts with their distinct musical style, defined by harsh vocals, downtuned staccato-guitars and complex rhythms. 

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Since their inception in 2010, Helsinki-based electro-metal outfit KHROMA have toured  Europe 10+ times and released three acclaimed albums, from which their newest outing, 2021’s “Ex Nihilo” has not yet, for obvious reasons, received the live treatment it truly deserves.


Khroma’s melting pot of down-tuned grooves, cinematic soundscapes and trip hop & drum’n bass beats will truly continue to widen those metal horizons.

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How could there be a progressive-minded festival in the city without Hellsinki’s own KEOMA? 2018’s Tuska-Torstai champions have been on an upward trajectory ever since, dropping their newest album Hypothesis just a few months ago.  


With the new album came also a new lady at the helm – a dual wielder of growls and opera-quality cleans, boosting their dynamic to grounds previously unattainable. Keoma is all about representing the elements of the otherworldly in their progressive tunes, like an astral event of soaring heights and ensuing calms, and with an ever-present groove. 

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...and oceans

Symphonic, industrial, melodic, mechanical. ..and Oceans has been stirring all the forbidden elements into their own black metal cauldron already since the 90’s, fearlessly challenging listeners along their path, and after a long slumber, has awoken to regale us once again!


Finnish bands excel in standing out from the crowd, but who more than …and Oceans. After a number of experimental evolutions, from power electronics and synth over a dismal black core to the post-modern industrial of their Havoc Unit days, their recent comeback release Cosmic World Mother is a solid slab of simultaneously ferocious and melodic black metal with nostalgic synths. And with their modern day line-up of seasoned players, these guys truly deliver on stage!

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Next up is the massive soundwalls of Estonia’s psych-doom pioneers TALBOT.

What better way to release your festival high than drowning in the heavy atmospheric muck of sludgy, oppressive, yet surprisingly upbeat and exciting post-metal? We’ve invited none other than Talbot, known for their numerous tours around the Globe, to soothe those late-night cravings and keep the party from ever ending!

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Artsy multi-instrumentalists with calculatedly erratic and jazz-frantic prog?


Surely we could only be speaking of HUMAVOID. Who better epitomizes the progressive-aggressive duality than these locals, fronted by keytar vixen Suvimarja who spits venomous growls, alongside Niko’s more guttural grunts and eight-string mastery. Humavoid attacks from all angles with challenging and mind-warping rhythms and improvisations, but the edgy yet soaring clean vocals tie the lace that beautifies and gives cohesion to the oddly-shaped package.  Humavoid are not to be avoided!

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Our first announcement of the night will act as the replacement for France’s The Dali Thundering Concept who unfortunately couldn’t make it this year.  Suitably, we plucked another from the same nation!

With already 6 full-lengths and a recent signing to Nuclear Blast, CELESTE returns to Finland to perform at our lovely festival.  Playing an amalgamation of melodic black metal with the oppression of sludge and the pensive elusiveness of post-metal, Celeste have been soaring in international attention with their 2022 release of Assassine(s).  And though sung in French, the dark poeticism of their lyrics translates directly in their sonic expression.  Prepare to be enveloped in their velveteen grip of nihilism!  A la gloire du neant!

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While spelling or stylizing their name correctly might give you a migraine, the expertly crafted melodies and lung outbursts of MYGRAIN will certainly remedy those pains and woes and transport you to a place both safe and thrilling.


Hellsinki’s own household name in melodic death metal is back on active duty and ready to properly promote their pandemic-year comeback album “V” post-lockdown.  Achieving a perfect balance of harsh verses, progressive and mechanical riffing, and effectual synth adornments, topped with irresistibly sing-alongy choruses, MYGRAIN present something comfortingly familiar, but without a single trace of formulaic fodder.  Best of all, these boys always make themselves quite at home on stage, having long been a mainstay in the Finnish festival scene, so let’s welcome these guys home!

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The Hirvi

The Beast is Back! The Moose is on the loose! Helsinki’s own metal veterans THE HIRVI spank their relentless, street-cred thrash metal with authority, experience and the songwriting chops to please even the most acquired tastes.  


While fierce and relentless, this moose is also lovely deranged, offering a sardonic twist and a frightening frenzy that you’ll get to witness firsthand. Their long-awaited sophomore album will be introduced at Hellsinki Metal Horizons; prepare to get rammed!

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Assemble the chariots

Assemble The Chariots just might be Helsinki’s best-kept extreme metal secret. With their very own blend of brutally mechanical and technical death metal, both enlivened and enshrouded with symphonic embellishments, these locals create a world-class metal soundscape that simply must be experienced live. After dropping their exquisite single “Empress” last summer, we sure hope their long-awaited debut album is in the pipeline, but while waiting for that, what better to do than to slamdance at their Metal Horizons gig?

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There’d be no modern without the classics; no progress without a benchmark. In fact, there’d be no metal at all without our forefathers who lit the torches. And those torches once burned with the fury of 80’s speed/thrash. Who better to join our crusade than the almighty EXCITER, who started widened the horizons of heavy music already decades before some of you fine youngsters were born?

Formed in 1978 and still ripping stages to shreds, these Canadian legends are returning to their dedicated following in Finland to leave us all breathless and dripping in sweat. Having had a profound and seminal influence on what we now know as traditional metal, these veterans have proven themselves resilient, resisting trends while outlasting and outmatching their peers. Get your battle jackets and bullet belts ready, and stand tall with us as Heavy Metal Maniacs!

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Swampheads, rejoice: The northern masters of the melodic death metal earworm KALMAH are back to Hellsinki for the first time in years!

Representing a unification of underground authenticity and mainstream appeal, Kalmah is the ultimate metal band of the Finnish people – honest and uncompromising, clever and distinctive, forceful and heartfelt.  And with a whole lotta songs about fishing.  Kalmah has been at the forefront of the Finnish Metal scene throughout the entirety of the millennium, and the reasons for this are plenty.  We love them for their melodic guitarwork that drills its way into your skull, the harmonies that speak to your inner being, the playful pianic interludes, and the harsh, swamp-like vocals and attitude.  And live, among other things, we love them for their välispiikit!  They are truly heroes to us, and we’re proud to welcome them to Hellsinki Metal Horizons!

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The kids are apparently quite alright! 


Young Helsinkian OMNIVORTEX attack with such brutal tech death relentlessness, that you are gladly forgetting that, statistically speaking, the modern youth would rather spend their dollars on drum machines and samplers instead of drum kits and electric guitars. Well, socio-economic rant aside, Omnivortex assemble a brutal bunch of blast beats, down-tuned riffs, screams and grunts which make you gasp for air, yet beg for more.

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Cannibal accident

Oh shite, I ate my friend – didn’t mean to! 


This is exactly what the Finnish grindcore gentlemen of CANNIBAL ACCIDENT will do: they will eat you alive – and of course on purpose! Don’t be so modest, you silly man-munchers! Turku’s Cannibal Accident call themselves “Necroculinary old school grindcore with neckbreaking mosh parts,” and we couldn’t agree more!  So, watch your necks, and your flesh!

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Satan's fall

Get ready to ride into the danger zone with SATAN’S FALL!

Originating from Helsinki/Tampere, and proudly waving the flag of speed and heavy metal, Satan’s Fall are a nostalgic nod to our metal roots, but without burying their necks in the sand – while brilliantly capturing yesterday, they still account for tomorrow with their forward-facing touches of European-styled melodicism.  Satan’s Fall bring a welcome transfusion of fresh blood to our Throwback Thursday warm-up event.  Bringing infectious energy and good-time retro vibes, Satan’s Fall is like a litmus test of being an honest-to-goodness metalhead.  Galloping riffs and soaring vocals await!

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Humanity's last breath

When all is lost and the earth bathes in radioactive fallout, we all will take our last gasp. And we are pretty sure, at that exact moment of dying, we hear this soundtrack in our heads. 


Sweden’s HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH can truly claim that sought-after moniker “the sound of the apocalypse.” It is modern, it is primal, it is guttural – it is real. The brain-child of Vildhjarta’s Buster Odeholm, Humanity’s Last Breath will make their Finnish debut at Hellsinki Metal Horizons. Remember to bring your hazmat suits (although they’re not likely to help you).

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Insert Coin to Continue… that is, continue the party with NESTRUCTION!

These guys call themselves pixel metal, so we absolutely needed to save them a memory slot! NESTRUCTION, a dynamic duo from Finland, use 8-bit video games as the template for their wildly entertaining live show, not lacking in guitar shredding or absolute synthesizer domination, and accompanied by a nostalgia-dripping video backdrop. They will warm your soul by taking you on a metal adventure through the classic games of your childhood (or for you youngsters, perhaps your parents’ childhood?) – with the technical chops to satisfy even the most demanding metalhead. And once you’ve partaken in their performance, all shall know: A Winner is You!

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